The Original Rumour

The Joker is a mysterious benefactor who is able to grant the wishes of those who have a heartfelt need.

In order to have their wish granted, a person must write a letter to themselves stating their wish in detail. This letter is then deposited on a secret location (the place varies with the person telling the legend), this is always a small secret place where the letter must remain safe and undisturbed for a week’s time. At the end of this week, the person will receive a letter addressed to them and in their handwriting stating Your wishes will all be granted, the letter is always signed with the initial J. The original letter disappears without leaving a trace.

If during this week the letter is discovered and retrieved (removed from its hiding spot) then the person will not get their wish granted. Some versions of the rumour state that you still receive a letter in the same manner but this one states There is no escaping misfortune. People receiving these letters are supposedly struck by repeated (but as a whole harmless) fits of bad luck for next month or so.

The fact that some people have tried to get Joker’s attention but failed is usually tied to their wishes not being //heartfelt//, or that the hiding spot wasn’t the right one. This kind of fuzzy logic keeps the rumour alive even when it’d be so easy to test it.

The TATARI Version


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